Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ecce Romani I: Chapter 2

A Summer Afternoon

Cornelia is a Roman girl. Flavia is also a Roman girl. Cornelia and Flavia are Roman girls who live in Italy. Cornelia and Flavia are friends. Today the girls are not sitting but are walking in the fields. Soon Cornelia is tired. She is no longer walking but sitting under a tree. Flavia, who is an energetic girl, is running in the fields. Soon Flavia is also tired. Now Flavia and Cornelia are sitting under a tree because they are tired. While the girls are sitting under a tree, Cornelia reads and Flavia writes. At last the girls slowly walk out of the fields into the country house and farm.

Ecce Romani I: Chapter 1

Two Roman Girls

Look! In the picture is a girl, named Cornelia. Cornelia is a Roman girl who lives in Italy. Also in the picture is a country house and farm where Cornelia lives in the summer. Cornelia is happy because now she lives in the country. Cornelia now sits and reads under the tree. Also in the picture is a second girl, named Flavia. Flavia is a Roman girl who lives in a neighboring country house. While Cornelia reads, Flavia writes. Flavia is happy because Cornelia now lives in the country house.

Hey guys

So as a current Latin 2 student, I can't assure you that every single translation will be posted or that each one will be absolutely perfect. However I will try my best, feel free to suggest your corrections.

**I will be starting with the first book, eventually I will post the second book's translations as well.